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House rules Workshops & Events

  • You are officialy subscribed for a workshop after receiving the payment. You can pay for this workshop by subscribing on our online webshop , by invoice or at our cash&carry in Genk.
  • If by any reason you can not be present at the workshop you subscribed for , you can cancel your subscription. We must have received this cancellation at least 5 days before the workshop. You can cancel via email, by phone or at our cash&carry. A cancellation via Facebook or other social media can sometimes be missed, and therefore offers no certainty.
  • In the price of some workshops is a lunch and 2 drinks included. This is indicated at the info on our webshop. This lunch varies per workshop. If you have a special diet (vegetarian,..) or do you have an allergy ? Please let us know and we will try to find a suitable lunch option for you.
  • Before, after and during the workshop and events our cash&carry is opened. So you can shop as much as you want.
  • For practical reasons both for yourself and for us, it is obligatory to put your handbag, backbag or other shopping bags in the lockers. These lockers can be locked with an individual key.
  • During the workshops and events s it is allowed to take pictures. Filming is absolutely not allowed ! Hereby we would like to ask for mutual respect for you fellow colleagues. So please use only the pictures of your own creations in your portfolio.
  • Also we take pictures during workshops and events . These pictures are only used for our loyal followers on social media. So , do not forget to smile ! If you would prefer not to be recognizable on one of these pictures , please let us know.
  • Although we are all huge animal lovers, it is not allowed to bring dogs, cats, rabbits or other animals to the workshops and events.
  • We understand that balloon stores look like a fun place , and this may seems so especially for children. But can we ask not to bring children under 16 years to our workshops and events.