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Sempertex keeps it green!

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100% Biodegradable

Balloons are not made out of plastic but they are made out of the juice of a rubber tree. These rubber trees abstract carbon dioxide (c02) and contribute to a reduction of the global warming. Each year thousands of trees are planted especially for latex production. This helps against the deforestation.


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No Chemical additives

Sempertex balloons are made out of 100% natural latex. The rubber is transformed by vulcanization into latex. In contrast to cheaper brands of balloons, there are no artificial additives used to keep the flexibility

the balloons.

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Responsible use.

We promote the responsible use of balloons. Balloons are a product of

happiness. They are hip and trendy and can be used for a variety of occasions. We do not recommend balloons releases because we are of the opinion that it is not ok to deposit any object, biodegradable or not biodegradable, in nature.

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Duro Dog Toys

Sempertex recycles all of its waste. They developed a new line of products to reduce the

ir ecological foot print. Duro Dog Toys are toys specially for dogs, made out of broken balloons and latex waste. These Duro products are durable and do not contain any toxic substances. All elements of the Duro Dog Toys are 100% organic and therefor also recyclable.