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How can I register as a professional customer?

1. Customers who want to register as professional customers must demonstrate that they are actively involved in the balloon industry. A VAT number alone is not sufficient, but it can serve as evidence.

2. If a customer has a business without a VAT number, they must provide other documentation to demonstrate their professional involvement in balloons. Examples of this documentation may include:

A link to their professional website where balloon products or services are mentioned.
Social media accounts related to balloon activities, such as a company page on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.
Photos or videos of previous balloon decorations they have created for events, clearly indicating that they were made by the customer.
Customer references or recommendations from other professionals in the balloon industry.

3. Registration process: On our registration page, customers will need to fill in the required information, such as their company name, contact details, and a description of their professional balloon activities. In addition to basic information, customers must provide a valid link to their professional website or social media account to support their professional involvement in balloons.

4. Evaluation and approval: Once the registration is submitted, our team will review the provided information and documentation. We will verify the validity of the VAT number (if applicable) and check the provided evidence of professional balloon activities. After the review is completed, the customer will be notified of the approval of their professional registration. They will then gain access to special features, discounts, or other benefits reserved for professional customers.