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Workshop 'Balloon Walls & Backdrops' with Denise van Dooren

During this workshop you will learn how to design, build and sell different balloon walls and backdrops.

Balloon walls and backdrops have enormous potential within our industry, but many professionals still have difficulty choosing the right technique and selling these enormous installations, do you want to start making and selling balloon walls or do you want to get better at this? Then this workshop is for you!

This day we will discuss different techniques with which you can make a wall, because there is a perfect technique for every design and situation, think of:

  • Duplet Square Pack
  • Link-O-Loons
  • Alternate Square Pack
  • Organic
  • Etc.

You will also learn how to design a wall so that you can, for example, incorporate company logos and numbers into your walls, which significantly increases the value of your decorations.

And as with all our workshops, we will discuss marketing in between: How do you sell a balloon wall?

Meet Denise

Denise is from The Netherlands and lives in Belgium. In 2013 Denise started with her balloon business at the age of 19. At the beginning her focus was on making classic decor and performing as a balloon artist, soon she found out her talent was creating balloon sculptures with Link-O-Loons and she has developed into an excellent designer of life-size-sculptures and decors.

In 2022 Denise won the first place in the very first season of Blow Up in the Netherlands, a television competition were balloon artists go head-to-head across a variety of challenges to turn ordinary balloons into extraordinary works of art.

Very soon in her career as a balloon artist Denise started combining two passions: teaching and balloons! She started teaching and sharing her knowledge with other artists.

In 2021 Denise brought her passion to another level and she started working for Sempertex Europe. She works as a Manager Social Media & Education and her goal is to inspire as many as possible and share her balloon knowledge.

Learn more about Denise and her work.

  • Go to her Instagram

This class can be booked until Thursday 12 January 12.00 CET.

If you are from outside of Europe and do not have a login to our webshop, please send an email to


On Monday 16 January you will receive an email from us containing a link and personal password with which you can watch the recording of the class for another 7 days, up to Monday 23 January.

You can join this class live at Sempertex Europe or online via Zoom.

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